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Greetings Ingoteers! There has been a long wait, and the day is finally here. Today I will be talking about the offical reset, and minior changes that is taking place. Sit back and pay good attention, because things are about to get spooky!

As most of you know, the server has been in maintenance mode for quite some time now. If you are in our discord server then you would know why! A global reset will take place on the 16th of June @ 3 PM EST ( all current servers that are on the network (Factions, Skyblock & Prison) will have a reset. I've gathered a sneak peak of each spawn for the servers.... I guess you will have to figure out on your own which is for what server..





The development team has been working excellent the past few weeks, we've gotten a lot of optimizations and bug fixes implemented.

Here is a list of a few bug fixes;

  • Money dupe.
  • PvP, NPC shows when someone logs.
  • Vote Party, rewards gives rewards.
  • Chest Shop Signs.
  • Brand new WarZones
  • Void TP.
  • Starter island.
  • Buycraft purchases.
  • All current custom plugins, have been recoded and are a lot more efficient now (which was causing lag in the past)
That's a small chunk of the bug fixes, the rest you will see on the reset! We'll also be previewing three new features, that is currently on our store....
Hello Ingoteers!

▶ New Owners and Developers!
Please welcome the two new Owners, LegendDev and Huli, to Ingot! Both of them are developers and they have also brought along another experienced developer, Azure! Mahid and your favorite YouTuber, 09SharkBoy, are also remaining as Owners.

▶ Server Revamp and Global Reset
As many of you have noticed, the server is currently in maintenance mode. The reason for this is because the server is going through a revamp and global reset. You will be keeping your donator ranks and tags. However, all in-game items and progress will be reset. This includes, but is not limited to: balances, IVs, EC, Faction/Island/Mine rank, etc.

▶ Discord
Join us on discord where you can keep in touch with your fellow Ingoteers. In addition, Discord is also where most of the updates regarding the server will happen.

Are you excited for a revived Ingot? I know I am!

Below are the winners for OLLYSMITH123's CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! You can PM him on discord to recieve your prizes: Olly Smith#8595.

▶ Prison
Aexo_ ➜ Amethyst Kit
toza295 ➜ Amethyst Kit
Keydestroyer ➜ Amythist Kit
Aboscuss ➜ Amethyst Kit
Kajfii ➜ Amethyst Kit

▶ Factions
theblackestdemon ➜ 1mill
elmcool129 ➜ 1mill
MaruSkeleton99 ➜ 1mill
LionGBYT ➜ 1mill
EmperorDylan ➜ 1mill
same_flame ➜ 1 Iron Golem Spawner
9lm ➜ 1 Iron Golem Spawner
MichaelVAngelo ➜ 1 Iron Golem Spawner
savagepvper04 ➜ 5mill
theblackestdemon ➜ 5mill
Dragoon00 ➜ 5mill
Willpk03 ➜ 10mill + 2 Iron Golem Spawners
Destroyer592 ➜ 10mill + 2 Iron Golem Spawners

▶ Skyblock
koolcities11 ➜ 5mill
MrBobblyBooks ➜ 5mill
avihaishomrat ➜ 5mill
Kajfii ➜ 5mill
sachin_96 ➜ 5mill
DragonLover642 ➜ 3 Iron Golem Spawners
dode5656 ➜ 3 Iron Golem Spawners
EnderFrost16 ➜ 3 Iron Golem Spawners
SnowyehDays ➜ 10mill
Watamelonie ➜ 10mill
ryderboy07 ➜ 10mill
Misha1259_99851 ➜ 20mill + 5 Iron Golem Spawners

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who won on the giveaway, we still have our $250 Store Voucher to give away on discord, that will be happening soon! Thanks to everyone who participated in Olly's Christmas Giveaway.

(Don't forget to thank Olly!)
Merry Christmas Ingoteers!

We have released our Christmas Spawn Update onto all of our gamemodes, this means that we have redesigned our Hub, Factions, Skyblock & Prison spawns to fit the December Christmas spirit!

On top of that, we have a whopping 75% Christmas sale!

Begin buying RANKS, PERKS & MORE NOW!
- The-Ingot Staff Team
What's up Ingoteers!

Applications are now OPEN! We will now be reviewing and accepting applications over the next few months, so start applying as you may just have a chance to become part of our Staff Team!

We look forward to all the players who wish to be apart of our awesome team!

Good luck,
- The-Ingot Staff Team
Hey Ingoteers,

We have another update for you guys, this being a Patch Notes Update, WOO! Just like all Patch Notes Updates, we've fixed, changed and added a whole bunch of things. We've also added Trading to Factions, Skyblock & Prison. Read on to find out more!

Below you will find all changes to do with all servers, hub server, factions server, skyblock server & prison server.

▶ Globally
  • Fixed in chat where it said it was only a 75% off sale
  • Made tokens connected to a database which now makes them connect globally
  • Fixed token top Updated AuctionHouse
  • Removed Candy & Headhunt plugins.
  • Fixed grammar issues in the auto announcer.
  • Changed the messaging of the /<server> plugin.
  • Changed the messaging of the /hub plugin.
▶ Hub Servers
  • Updated Admins list.
▶ Factions Server
  • Changed the Rank Upgrade lore in crates when won.
  • Updated the shop layout and some messaging.
  • Added server is overloading lag-preventing measures.
  • Updated spawn hologram for a grammar fix.
  • Fixed Voting message indentation.
  • Fixed the Warp GUI not displaying.
  • Entity Removal will no longer remove diamond tools, diamond armor, spawners & xp orbs.
  • Added total entities message in chat when the auto Entity Removal strikes.
  • Changed settings with chunk limits in Entity Removal (Seemed to improve performance a tad).
  • Updated Admins list.
  • Added Trading with /trade.
  • Changed the Bank GUI to fit the normal GUI theme.
▶ Skyblock Server
  • Changed the Rank Upgrade lore in crates when won.
  • Added /upgrades feature
  • Updated the shop layout and some messaging.
  • Updated the anticheat to allow Printer & Scheme modifications.
  • Added server is overload lag-preventing measures....

Hey Ingoteers,

Applications are now closed! We'll be moving all the current pending applications to the denied sub forum, please be aware that we are doing this to ALL applications that are pending.

We'll be opening applications on December the 1st to get ready for a busy Christmas!

- The-Ingot Staff Team

Hey Ingoteers,

Whew, more updates! As you should all know, we have the Spoopy-Ingot activated, all of our spawns have been Halloweenified, we have our 85% SALE going on and the Pumpkin Hunt! Today we announce our third Patch Notes update. Everything listed are all the things we've fixed, changed, added and updated! Read on below to find out more.

Below you will find all changes to do with all servers, hub server, factions server, skyblock server & prison server.

▶ Globally
  • Added Candy Shop
  • Added Pumpkin Hunt
  • Updated our anti-cheat
  • Updated friends list plugin. Now has pages for /friends list
  • Added a better chat-filter system and added additional words
  • Removed gone AFK messages.
  • Disabled kicked for flying (caused problems)
  • Added /candy help
▶ Hub Servers
  • Added info to the pumpkin king when right clicked
▶ Factions Server
  • Pre Generated World chunks to world border (12.5k radius)
  • Fixed not being able to click on links
  • Touched up holograms (Bug fixes)
  • Disabled weather
  • Fixed capcha bugs
  • Fixed eating bug
  • Fixed Fastuse moving the inventory slot when eating
  • Raised default power to 20 instead of 10
  • Changed explosion Spawner drop chance to 40 (From 30)
  • Fixed being able to creeper egg obsidian
  • & Lots more
▶ Skyblock Server
  • Fixed not being able to click on links
  • Fixed not being able to use and craft enderchests
  • Touched up holograms (Bug fixes)
  • Fixed XPFly Bugs
  • Fixed a typo in challanges
  • Added Stacked Spawners
  • Fixed capcha bugs
  • Fixed eating bug
  • Fixed Fastuse moving the inventory slot when eating
  • & Lots more
  • Added 4 new Elite...
Hey Ingoteers,

The final stage of the Spoopy Halloween Update has arrived! The Pumpkin King has seemed to lost all of his pumpkins, and that's not good at all! Read on to find out more.

There are a total of 100 Pumpkins to find across all servers, 10 on each Hub (30 across all the Hubs), 23 on Prison & Factions and 24 on Skyblock! Each pumpkin you find will give you candy, candy can be used to buy things in the candy shop.

Pumpkin Hunt
Oh no! The Pumpkin King seems to have lost all of his pumpkins, and that's not good at all! He wants you to go and find them AND he'll reward you with some candy everytime you find one, here is some information you should know before hand:

There are a total of 100 Pumpkins to find across all servers, 10 on each Hub (30 across all the Hubs), 23 on Prison & Factions and 24 on Skyblock!

General Commands:
  • /candy - Opens up the candy shop menu (Shop only works on Factions, Skyblock & Prison).
  • /candy check - View how much candy you have.
  • /headhunt percentage - See how much heads you have found.
Read on below to find out more about Candy!

Every time you find a pumpkin, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of candy. With this candy you can purchase kits, weapons and tools or cosmetics.

There are a total of 3 kits to purchase: Pumpkin King Kit, Skeleton Kit & Ghost Kit.
Pumpkin King is mainly focused on attack, its defense is weaker. Skeleton kit is focused both on attack & defense, however isn't that strong overall and Ghost kit is focused mainly on defense, therefor its attack is weaker.

The Weapons & Tools shop are obviously... divided into weapons and tools. There are 2 weapons and 3...
Hey there,

Stage TWO of our Spoopy Halloween Update has begun! We have just released the Halloween Purchasables between Factions, Skyblock & Prison, so start buying right now! Find out more by reading on.

We have a total of 15 Halloween purchasables across all gamemodes; Factions, Skyblock & Prison. Below we have listed the 5 purchasables

▶ Halloween Bundle
The Bundle include kits, disguises, trails, money, crate keys and tags! (However, we only offer tags for Skyblock & Prison).

Factions will give you $10,000 upon purchase, Skyblock will give you $1,500,000 upon purchase and Prison will give you $25,000,000 upon purchase.

Each server will grant you access to one crate key, four trails, three disguises & three tags, these can be accessed by typing /trails, /disguises & /tags in game, head over to the Halloween Crate located at spawn to open your Halloween crate with your key given upon purchase.


▶ Kits
We offer three kits that you can purchase on each server, these being Frankenstein, Scream and Casper kits, each kit comes with there own unique items to scare your friends with and have Halloweenified pvp fights with them! OOoooooO, spoopy.

Each kit is different on there respective gamemode.

Skyblock Frankenstein Kit
Skyblock Scream Kit...​