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Hey Ingoteers,

Whew, more updates! As you should all know, we have the Spoopy-Ingot activated, all of our spawns have been Halloweenified and with more to come this weekend! Today we announce our second Patch Notes update. Everything listed are all the things we've fixed, changed, added and updated! Read on below to find out more.

Below you will find all changes to do with all servers, hub server, factions server, skyblock server & prison server.

▶ Globally

  • Fixed Sheep merging.
  • Fixed Shop GUI errors & added new features.
  • Added the rules link to /rules.
  • Added a maximum price that can be set in items sold in the Auction House.
  • Updated anticheat system to prevent false kicks & have better detection.
  • Adjusted egg drop rates to prevent lag. (temporary fix)
  • Staff can now post links in chat.
▶ Hub Servers
  • Fixed player count not showing correctly on Hub-3.
  • Fixed server selector saying you are on Hub-1 on Hub-2 & 3.
  • Fixed lava damaging you.
  • Added Trainee rank.
  • Added /spawn to all users.
▶ Factions Server
  • Fixed Balance Top error.
  • Fixed random custom enchants that are suppose to be disabled.
  • Fixed destroy rates of obsidian, bedrock & cobblestone.
  • Fixed NPCs randomly despawning at spawn.
  • Fixed Miner kit cooldown not matching the store cooldown.
  • Added McMMO Taming, Axes & Unarmed.
  • Added +1 Home to Member rank. (Now has 2 homes.)...
Hello Ingoteers!

Its time to get SPOOPY - 2spoopy4u! We have rolled out our first lot of Halloween updates to The-Ingot, this update is the map update. The next Halloween update to be rolled out will be some purchasable things from our store and then the last Halloween update will be the Pumpkin Hunt! We are super hyped for all of this and we hope you all are too. Read on to find out more!

The Spoopy Update will come in three stages, we explain each stage below.

▶ Halloween Map Update
Stage 1/3 of our Spoopy Update will be the map update, this update is currently live on the network. All of our spawns have been decorated to look extra scary & spooky! You can find more information on this below the Update Stages section.

▶ Halloween Purchasables
Stage 2/3 of our Spoopy Update are purchasable things from our store. These will be only kits that you can buy for each server from our store:

▶ Halloween Pumpkin Hunt
Stage 3/3 of our Spoopy Update is our Pumpkin Hunt. As you may have noticed, the massive pumpkin in the middle of the Hubs holds the Pumpkin King, more information will be released when the Halloween Pumpkin Hunt gets rolled out. The Pumpkin Hunt will be out on the 21st (one week!!!). Get HYPED!

As you know, the map update has been rolled out to all of our servers. We have Halloweenified all of the spawns on each server with pumpkins, graves, spiders and more!

You can see each of these spawns by connecting to the Hubs, Prison, Factions & Skyblock. We hope you all enjoy the spoopy Halloween Map Update. We have plenty more in stock to come very soon.

Hub Halloween Spawn...
Hey Ingoteers,

This is our first Patch Notes Update, let me explain what these are. Patch Notes Updates will happen once or twice a week, we'll basically go through every thing minor we've fixed, added or changes so that our community can keep up with us! If you're wondering if big content updates will be put into Patch Notes Updates, don't worry, they won't. We'll be putting our big content updates in their own separate posts.

Now for our first Patch Notes Update. Read below to find out the fixes, additions and changes we've done in the last couple of days.

Below you will find all changes to do with all servers, hub server, factions server, skyblock server & prison server.

▶ Globally
  • Added Sys-Admin rank.
  • Added the link to the rules on /rules.
  • Updated the Chat Filter to have more words and remove any messages with swear words.
▶ Hub Servers
  • Added join messages.
▶ Factions Server
  • Added +1 home to Member rank.
  • Changed Custom Enchant prices. Suggested by @Heivia
▶ Skyblock Server
  • Added Super Breaker for mcMMO.
  • Fixed all mobs dying when in stacks.
  • Fixed creepers blowing up and doing damage.
  • Changed Custom Enchant prices. Suggested by @Heivia
▶ Prison Server
  • Added cooldown to ranking up.
  • Tab now shows rankup rank instead of saying Member.
  • Tab for donators & staff now shows rankup rank and donator/staff rank.
  • Fixed the Wood Mine not teleporting & messaging you on reset.



Hey Ingoteers,

Boy do we have a whale a network for all of you awesome players, we are so close! We all know you've been dying to see some sneak peaks and information about the release and more. Well here it is! (You can stop dying now)... Find out more information below.

Release is close!

That's right everyone, The-Ingot will be RELEASING on Sunday at 12 PM EST and we won't just be openig one server, we'll be opening all servers! 09sharkboy will be streaming the release.

If you don't already know, The-Ingot consists of three servers for you all to play on. These being: Factions, Skyblock, Prison! They each have neat features and we plan on adding lots of other unique and awesome features in the future.

One of our main focuses will be to ensure that The-Ingot is safe to play. Meaning no rule breakers, no bugs that bite and that the experience never stops getting better. We'll be fixing all bugs that are reported within 24 hours (If possible, of course).

The Youtuber!

We have a really big Youtuber joining us as an Owner. He is known as 09sharkboy (Click the name to go to the youtube channel). Shark has 500,000+ subscribers and is still growing!

09sharkboy will be streaming the release of The-Ingot on Sunday @ 12 PM EST!

Shark will be recording videos and making streams on The-Ingot every week, so this time you'll definitely have someone to play with.

Be sure to go head over to his channel and subscribe to him, if you aren't already!

Sneak Peaks!

You've been waiting long enough, and now's...
Hello Ingoteers! Just wanting to let you guys know we are reopening soon, we don't yet have a set release date but we plan on it being sometime this week/next week. (Will update as soon as we have a date).
We are going to be introducing a large youtuber as owner, he will be recording and playing on the server along with you guys and hopefully get us to the playerbase we are meant to be. Server has gone through some small changes and enhancements, like the new forums + new buycraft designs and several in-game aspects you guys will see soon.
That is it for the current news, I hope you guys are ready for release because I know the staff team and I are quite excited and have put a lot of time and effort in making this server the best it can be.