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Patch Notes Update #2

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ConstructorLeo, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. ConstructorLeo

    ConstructorLeo Senior Administrator Sr-Admin

    Oct 10, 2017
    Hey Ingoteers,

    Whew, more updates! As you should all know, we have the Spoopy-Ingot activated, all of our spawns have been Halloweenified and with more to come this weekend! Today we announce our second Patch Notes update. Everything listed are all the things we've fixed, changed, added and updated! Read on below to find out more.

    Below you will find all changes to do with all servers, hub server, factions server, skyblock server & prison server.

    ▶ Globally

    • Fixed Sheep merging.
    • Fixed Shop GUI errors & added new features.
    • Added the rules link to /rules.
    • Added a maximum price that can be set in items sold in the Auction House.
    • Updated anticheat system to prevent false kicks & have better detection.
    • Adjusted egg drop rates to prevent lag. (temporary fix)
    • Staff can now post links in chat.
    ▶ Hub Servers
    • Fixed player count not showing correctly on Hub-3.
    • Fixed server selector saying you are on Hub-1 on Hub-2 & 3.
    • Fixed lava damaging you.
    • Added Trainee rank.
    • Added /spawn to all users.
    ▶ Factions Server
    • Fixed Balance Top error.
    • Fixed random custom enchants that are suppose to be disabled.
    • Fixed destroy rates of obsidian, bedrock & cobblestone.
    • Fixed NPCs randomly despawning at spawn.
    • Fixed Miner kit cooldown not matching the store cooldown.
    • Added McMMO Taming, Axes & Unarmed.
    • Added +1 Home to Member rank. (Now has 2 homes.)
    • Updated Custom Enchantments prices.
    • Faction names will now display when doing [item].
    ▶ Skyblock Server
    • Fixed vote crate icons & rewards to display correctly.
    • Fixed Sky rank chat format.
    • Fixed Custom Enchantments that were supposed to be disabled.
    • Fixed the worldborder issue.
    • Fixed Miner kit cooldown not matching the store cooldown.
    • Added McMMO Taming, Axes, Unarmed & Super Breaker.
    • Removed limit on Stacked Mobs.
    • Updated Custom Enchant Prices.
    • Updated Emerald value from 150 to 400.
    • Changed Mob Stacker plugin to prevent lag and help with performance.
    ▶ Prison Server
    • Fixed being able to PvP on the red carpet at the PvP arena.
    • Fixed K & N Mine borders.
    • Fixed Rare Crate display items.
    • Added Explosive Enchantments to /upgrades.
    • Updated prices in the Upgrades menu.
    • Updated Prison Mines messaging.
    • Updated PvP entrance.
    • Mines now reset differently which helps prevent lag.
    We have also done a lot of backend optimizations to prevent lag when Shark streams and to generally prevent lag, therefor the servers won't crash when our beloved Shark does a livestream!

    Below you will find all changes to do with the website, store & discord server however we did not change anything to do with the Store or Discord server, so there is nothing to list!

    ▶ Website
    • Updated the maximum amount of characters while making applications.

    That's it for our second Patch Notes update! A lot has been done since the last Patch Notes update.
    - The-Ingot Staff & Administration Team!
  2. Demander

    Demander Member Registered

    Sep 30, 2017
    This is amazing. I can't wait for this server to grow!
  3. avihaishomrat

    avihaishomrat Member Registered

    Oct 1, 2017
    Thank you for the update

    MAZKNN New Member Registered

    Oct 2, 2017
    I lurve playing here! Awesome ppl, everyone is nice <3 LOLOL <3